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Slay It Queen is a website dedicated to women who like to wear fashionable clothing and our slogan is “dressed to kill”.

I focus on fashion style and trends in order to help you not only dress well, but also incorporate the latest fashion style trends in your outfits.

To slay means you do better than everybody else, despite what it says in searches about Slay Queens.

Slaying these days often relates to doing well in your career or looking so good, with respect to the way you are dressed that you are actually killing it. In other words you are dressed to kill.

The phrase Slay Queen has been twisted by Slay Queen “want to be” girls who actually rely on someone else to fund their lifestyle or just fake it. That’s not what you are as a Queen Superstar.


slay it queen

The photo above is a photo of me Patricia Mainit. I’m not rich or especially beautiful. I have brown hair and brown eyes and can look very ordinary. I am also a big fan of Rihanna, known as "Queen Bee", hence the name of my online store.

I beleive that if you wear the right clothing you can look super hot and your natural look will become an asset, no matter what your body shape. This is what Slay It Queen is all about.

Take this dress for example. Its only about $50 something which is not all that much when you want to look stunning, and you can have that celebrity look.

Also if you landed on this page from google you will have a 20% off discount code. Missed it? well here it is again: 34db1f7cef

People will probably see you as some kind of celebrity or at the very least a very classy lady. The guys will want you and you will have complete control over them.

Its so easy to order over the internet these days, you can order from the comfort of your own home.

This dress is not sold in stores so  if you like it, click on the button to get this dress.

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