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Our Collab Terms and Conditions

Slay It Queen

Wanna Collab?

1. Do you have what it takes to Slay like a Queen?:

To us collaboration can be more than liking each others posts. When you signup as an collab, return to this "Wanna Collab" page and Slay It Queen will provide you with a unique collab link. When you promote (send traffic to Slay It Queen) using these collab links, a sale (conversion) will result in a sale commission of 10% of commision for you. When you send visitors to Slay It Queen, we create a collab cookie which is sent to the visitor’s browser. The browser then creates a cookie file that contains your collab id. As this visitor has now been "cookied", if she/he goes on to make a purchase, Slay It Queen will read the cookie on her machine and attribute the sale to you. The visitor does not have to purchase immediately. As long as the purchase is made before the cookie’s expiry date (3 days) you will receive the credit.

2. Intent of our Collab Program:

Slay It Queen Affiliate Program allows organisations and individuals to collect a commission for referring qualified clients to our site who then purchase associated products. Referrals should be provided by linking to Slay It Queen via your social media account or website. These links can be either in the form of text, banners, links in bio or graphical banners provided by Slay It Queen. The intent of our collab program is to pay collab's for referrals of 'new customers' only, however repeat purchases from a referred customer will also result in a comission to the referrer.

3. Definitions:

A 'new customer' is a customer that has not done business with Slay It Queen in the past before referral by the collab. A 'referral' is an account that purchased from Slay It Queen, that has landed at our website through your affiliate link and during the sales process by means of stored cookies has your collab ID stored and registered with their account. A valid 'collab ID' is a code assigned to an 'active' collab, which can be used in hyperlinks on the referrer's site.

4. Enrollment in the Affiliate Program:

Slay It Queen customers may apply for inclusion in the collab program using the Slay It Queen login portal. Applicants may be reviewed and either approved or denied by us.

6. Compensation for signups 

  • Slay It Queen will pay collab's for referrals of qualified new customers as follows:
  • The customer must be a 'new customer'.
  • The collab's & customer's accounts must remain in good standing.
  • The customer must sign up using the collab's affiliate ID.
  • The collab is responsible for making sure the new customer is associated with their collab account.
  • We are unable to control if visitors delete their cookies.
  •  Any irregularities in account openings, account closings, or account usage may be cause for termination of a collab, and/or an extension in the holding period, and/or non-payment of referral fees.
  • Slay It Queen will review referred accounts each month to approve or deny for payment, and make payments for approved new customer referrals.

7. Payment Rates

10% commision for the first and subsequent payments within cookie lifetime a referred signup makes on qualifying products.

Slay It Queen will NOT pay for the referrals if:

  • The collab's ID was not associated with the new account at purchase or sign up.
  • The account is not for a 'new customer'.
  • The collab's account or the new account violates any of Slay It Queens policies.
  • The new account is fraudulent / fake and/or created for the purpose of collecting from the collab program.
  • The referrer is referring accounts exhibiting abnormal or suspicious properties indicating misuse of our collab program.
  • The social media account or domain is not active on the internet, or the social media account or domain is not pointed to the Slay It Queen website.
  • The site does not contain substantial, real, and valid content as determined by Slay ItQueen.
  • The site does not have web traffic indicating a true web site.
  • The account closes before it's approved for collab payment.
  • The account closes within 6 months of opening, in this case payments for future accounts may be withheld.
  • The account owner or representative indicates intention to use Slay It Queen only temporarily.
  • At the determination of Slay It Queen management, any collab account that is deemed to be suspicious will be closed and no payments made to the collab.

Slay It Queen will only pay for legitimate new customers. Any collab suspected of setting up accounts or colluding with others to setup illegitimate accounts will be terminated from the collab program and all payments will be stopped.

Any collab who exhibits a pattern of referring customers that are not meeting normal profitability standards will be terminated even if the collab did not intend to abuse the program.

Slay It Queen is NOT obligated to prove the abuse, nor are we obligated to pay the collab under such circumstances. You agree that Slay It Queen may refuse payment for any referrals.

8. Qualified Products

All Slay It Queen products are included in the Slay It Queen collab program

9. Form of Payments

Payments will be made by PayPal or a credit to your account. All amounts are in American dollars. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Payment processing can take up to 14 days. Slay It Queen may change or add new payment methods at any time without notice.

10. Maintaining your payment information:

Collab's may update their PayPal payment email address within our client portal. The collab is responsible for making sure the information is correct before payment is sent. If the information is not correct, you agree that Slay It Queen is not responsible issuing another payment for any amounts sent to the wrong person or the wrong location.

11. Disputed Transactions:

You agree to forward all disputed transactions to for an initial appraisal. You must include all relevant details defining your dispute and reasoning. Disputes must be lodged within 7 days of the issue arising and we will resolve within 30 days. You agree Slay It Queen will make all final decisions in regards to disputes regarding the validity of a referral for payment.

12. Account cancellation:

The collab may request in writing to have the account cancelled by emailing The collab account may be terminated by Slay It Queen at any time without notice. If your account is linked to an account that is terminated for any reason, then the collab account can be terminated at the same time. Commissions are paid at the time the account is closed..

13. Program Changes:

The Collab Program may be altered by Slay It Queen at any time, as deemed necessary by us. Changes will be effective immediately once updated on the Slay It Queen website.

14. Advertising and Representations:

It is the responsibility of the collab to promote Slay It Queen in an honest way. Any collab's who make false claims as to the type of product we offer, or make any warranties or misrepresentations to prospective customers will be terminated from the program without question. We review the websites or  social media accounts of our collab's to ensure they abide by our Terms and Conditions of our website and that they meet a certain quality standard. If we have an issue with your social media account or website, we will ask you to rectify the issue. You have 48 hours to rectify the breach otherwise we will cancel your contract. We will also seek a takedown notice if you are in breach of our Terms and Conditions.

15. Spam & Email:

You may not send spam emails to advertise Slay It Queen.

16. Indemnification:

You agree to indemnify and hold Slay It Queen , its parent, subsidiaries, collab's, officers and employees, harmless from any claim, demand, or damage, including reasonable attorneys' fees, asserted by any third party due to or arising out of your use of or conduct on the services provided by them.


Sorry about all that legal gibberish girls but a Queen can't be too carefull these days.

We cant wait for you to join our Queen bee hive Lol.


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