WHAT IS A SLAY QUEEN – What It Means To Slay

Erin Holland Slays red carpet aria awards 2017

Erin Holland slays, looking like a Rock Goddess

A Slay Queen is a girl who slays at life and everything they do. Considering this definition, it is puzzling to see all the negative posts that have been written about so called Slay Queens. Suffice it to say that the people that have been portrayed in the media and a lot of blog posts are not in fact Slay Queens because they are not actually slaying at life. They are simply attention seekers who try to portray themselves as Slay Queens.

A Slay Queen is a girl with brains who continually seeks to improve herself. She probably has a degree, studying something and or a job, or at the very least runs a business, successful or not. She continually strives for self improvement. She is ambitious. She knows how to spell. At least she is trying and not just lying in bed until midday and seeking attention on social media by taking revealing photo’s. Having many likes on social media does not make you a Slay Queen. Cheap articles have many buyers.

She is not a girl who wears heavy makeup, but she looks after herself. She is decently dressed…not the most expensive dresses but she knows the latest fashion trends and has style. You know her reputation from what she does, not from what she says.

So develop your character and personal integrity. If you want to be a real Slay Queen:

Don’t follow the crowd.

Don’t rely on social media for validation.

Get some achievements under your belt.

Be persistent, you haven’t failed until you give up.

Follow a plan of continual self improvement.

Dress to impress.

Be Independent and don’t rely on a man for success.

Be bold and ambitious.

Strive to develop Class and Style.

Be the woman that a successful man would be proud to walk beside and introduce to his friends.

I’ll finish this post by answering all the Slay Queen haters with a quote or two:

“Stop sitting back and saying yeah that would be cool, I want to be this or I want to be that. Second by second you lose the opportunity to become the person you want to be, stop making excuses and take charge of your life.”

“If you want to be one to avoid all the critics in your life then do nothing, say nothing and become nothing and you’ll never get their attention. But if you are something, if you’re doing something and you become something, guess what, you get their attention now and that pisses them off because they can never be what you are now. So all they can do is try to bring you down…I say thank you for that, thank you for recognizing that I’m doing something with my life, because I don’t know who you are, but you seem to know who I am…Works for me!.” G. Plitt.


Keep on Slaying It Queens!

Slay It Queen


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