Yellow Fit and Flair Dress - Latest fashion trends for 2019

Fashion Trend Forecast – Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Find out the Latest Fashion Trends 2019 and common themes within the latest fashion shows for 2019 and get a Fashion Trend Forecast.

I wanted to find out the latest fashion trends 2019 for you, my followers, so that I can make a fashion trend forecast. I watched some of the most influential fashion shows for fashion week in September to get an idea of what trends the most influential fashion designers were following or trying to convey, so that I could have a bit of a go at being a 2019 fashion trend forecaster for fall winter 2018 2019 and spring 2019 fashion trends. So, what did I find out?

Fashion Trend Forecast

  • Well there is a lot of yellow in dresses and mix and match tops, bottoms and accessories like gloves.
  • Next are gold and silver sparkly patterns on garments or sparkly accessories like scarves.
  • Fringing everywhere on black, yellow, gold or silver sparkly fringes in fashion outfits or accessories such as scarves.
  • There also seems to be a lot of brown paired with yellow tops or bottoms.
  • A bit of Lingerie lace attached to regular clothing such as skirts.
  • Head to toe black in suits and or with weird accessories such as fur or leather bits.
  • Last are animal prints like leopard, cougar style but it did not seem to be that prevalent, and mainly in the Milan collection.
  • Bicycle shorts seem to be popular.


All other things I’ve seen in articles  predicting the latest fashion trends for 2019, like Tie dye, Rusty reds colors, and winter layering I did not actually see at the fashion shows.

Our take on the latest fashion trends for 2019: Gold Sparkly Fringe Dress, Off Shoulder fringe Dress, Yellow Bandage Bodycon Dress, Yellow Spaghetti Strap Dress.

gold fringe dress

Gold Fringe Dress from Slay It Queen


off shoulder fringe dress

Off Shoulder Fringe Dress


Yellow Bandage Bodycon Dress

Yellow Bandage Bodycon Dress


Yellow Spaghetti Strap Dress

Yellow Spaghetti Strap Dress


Fashion shows that I reviewed for my Fashion Trend Forecast


Alexander McQueen – London 2019

At this fashion show, I saw a wearable collection that speaks to the women like you a little bit more than the crazy unwearable outfits designed by McQueen in the past.

Wearable Women's Suit

Wearable Women’s Suit – Alexander McQueen


Maybe as the head designer is now Sarah Burton and no longer Mcqueen due to suicide by hanging in 2010.


There were a lot of suits but apart from head to toe black there was not a lot of adherence to the trends expressed above.

Head to toe Black Suit

Head to toe Black Suit – Alexander McQueen


Fendi – Rome Italy 2019

This fashion show also did not follow the trends outlined above apart from brown. Designs featured white two piece outfits with long dresses and tops or just long Jackets with no pants and brown fake leather two piece outfits.


One of Fendi’s signature styles which featured heavily here, previously in shoes but now in jackets and bags was transparent plastic with brown edging.

Plastic Transparent Jacket

Plastic Transparent Jacket – Fendi 2019

Other Designs exclusive to Fendi were F fitting into each other in designs on shirts and bags.

Fendi Pattern Under Transarent Jacket

Fendi Pattern Under Transparent Jacket

This included a brown and orange bird of paradise print design.

Bird Of Paradise Design Fendi

Bird Of Paradise Design – Fendi

Uncovered bicycle shorts were prevalent and I also saw Several Rusty orange outfits. Pleated skirts, fake tan leather skirts and dresses and embroidered see through mesh dresses.

Additionally utility belts seemed to be the go to for accessories with this designer. Although Fendi did not have any of the common elements of the latest fashion trends for 2019, they do have their own unique style and I would not blame you for adopting some of their designs.

Utility Belt and Bicycle Shorts

Utility Belt and Bicycle Shorts – Fendi

Gareth Pugh – London 2019

At this show there was a lot of really weird stuff which probably related to gays more than anything.

I saw clothing with red background and a black striped polygon print which did not impress me too much. I would not include anything from this collection in my fashion trend forecast for the latest fashion trends 2019.

The more wearable fashion included fit and flare coats with metallic sections.

Metallic Section Outfit

Metallic Section Outfit


Mark Jacobs – New York 2019

This fashion show was just astounding with clothing that nobody in their right mind would wear or consider as part of the latest fashion trends for 2019.

The clothing line basically showcased the clown look.

The Clown Look again

The Clown Look – Mark Jacobs

I mean who really wants to look like a clown with overbearing Ruffles, and baggy gold and yellow dresses.

The Clown Look

The Clown Look

The only things that actually looked realistic were suits with gathered fabric. I would not include anything in this collection in my fashion trend forecast for the latest fashion trends 2019.


Milan – Italy, fall 2018 – 2019

This designer did have a lot of things that followed the basic trends outlined in my fashion trend forecast in the dot points above. which followed my fashion trend predictions for the latest fashion trends for 2019. Although it was mostly realistic, I did not really like any of the designs that much.


There was a lot of glittery gold and yellow. Also featured were glittery gold or silver patterns on dresses, skirts or tops.

Glittery Gold and Silver dresses, skirts and tops

Glittery Gold and Silver Clothing

Yellow pants or skirts paired with light brown or skin tone tops or vice versa. Lingerie fringing on shiny brown skirts or Shiny brown pants of some sort of plastic appearance.


Large, kind of green yellow checks or tartan, I guess you could call it featured large in this collection, sometimes with fringing paired with black or shiny skin tone or yellow pants or skirts or light brown or skin tone clothes. It was very much a mix and match theme.

Yellow Tops Paired with Tartan with Skin Toned Skirts

Yellow Tops Paired with Skin Toned Skirts or Vice Versa


Animal prints like leopard and an actual Friesian milking cow print. hide paired with leopard. Not sure if you would want to look like a cow! Lol.

Animal Prints

Animal Prints, Want to look like a Friesian Milking Cow?

Something that I quite liked were silver palm leaves on transparent mesh skirts and red floral prints. Patchy sparkly multi colored palette dresses and silver sparkly patterned dresses.

Transparent Palm Leaf Mesh Skirt - fashion trend forecast - Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Transparent Palm Leaf Mesh Skirt

Red Floral Print Dress - fashion trend forecast

Red Floral Print Dress – Milan 2019

Patchy Sparkly Colored Dress - fashion trend forecast

Patchy Sparkly Colored Dress

Silver Sparkly Patterned Dress

Silver Sparkly Patterned Dress

The accessories that were used included funny flat topped French foreign legion hats and whistles around the neck. Also Long plastic gloves like dish washing gloves in yellow, red, off pink and white. see above. So as part of my fashion trend forecast for the latest fashion trends 2019 so far, I would say that yellow, clothing and accessories as well as sparkly patterned clothing will have a big part in my fashion trend forecast.



Oscar de Larenta – New York 2019

I quite liked this collection and he did follow some of the trends that seem to be present in several design collections, namely yellow, fringing and head to toe black, while at the same time showcasing his individuality.

Yellow Fit and Flair Dress - fashion trend forecast

Yellow Fit and Flair Dress – Oscar de Larenta

Fringing on Clothing Designs - Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Fringing on Clothing Designs Oscar de Larenta

Head To Toe Black Clothing - fashion trend forecast

Head To Toe Black Clothing – Oscar de Larenta

Where he departs from the themes followed in several collections is his designs with black and white checks and stripes.

Checkered dress

Checks Oscar de Larenta

Also something different was his Moroccan and Indian prints.

Moroccan Print Dress - fashion trend forecast

Moroccan Print Dress – Oscar de Larenta

I also loved his Fit and flare dresses and cocktail dresses (not shown) in yellow. See the fit and flare yellow dress above.

Oscar is one of my choices for a designer that I would look to for the latest fashion trends 2019. My fashion trend forecast is that fringing as well as yellow dresses are going to become popular.


Prada – London 2019

This collection featured brightly colored nylon shorts, jackets and tops. Deep plunging necklines and Sailor Prada esc style jackets as well as 60’s Mod. Although some of the clothes in this collection were nice enough, none of it really followed the underlying theme of my fashion trend forecast for the latest fashion trends 2019 apart from a yellowish gold shirt here and there.

Nylon Shorts and Top

Nylon Shorts and Top – Prada

There seemed to be a mixture of clothes for those who were comfortable showing off their body (see through) and clothes for those who were not comfortable showing their body.

Prada Outfit

Prada Outfit

Roberte Cavalle – Italy, Spring/Summer 2019

This was my favorite out of all the design collections as the clothes were not only stylish to the extreme, but they were also realistic, feminine and individualistic, while still retaining some aspects of the latest fashion trends 2019 outlined in the first section of this article in line with my fashion tend forecast.


Those were notably bicycle shorts which were used mainly as undergarments with dresses, the color brown, minimal fringes and sparkly items like black and gold or silver sparkly sequin patterned outfits.

Bicycle Shorts Under Dresses - Latest Fashion trends 2019

Bicycle Shorts Under Dresses

Minimal Fringing - fashion trend forecast

Minimal Fringing – Roberte Cavalle


Some other nods to the trending themes included long black dresses with lace inserts as in head to toe black but in a sexy style.

Long Black Dress

Long Black Dress

Shorts and bicycle shorts featured with suite jackets in brown or brown and black combo as well as dresses with bicycle shorts of the same color underneath just poking out below the hem.

Vertical stripes in button up shirts or blouses were included in several outfits.

Vertical Striped Blouse

Vertical Striped Blouse _ Roberte Cavalle

Other patterns included squares or checks, but the squares were skewed. Coin prints were on several garments and thick uneven wavering line prints.

Skewed Square Pattern Dress

Skewed Square Pattern Dress – Roberte Cavalle

This collection was definitely some of the sexiest clothing I’ve seen for the New Year and I would follow definitely Roberte’s lead for ideas on what to wear for the latest fashion trends 2019.


Striped Blouse Skewed Squares Skirt

Striped Blouse Skewed Squares Skirt – Roberte Cavalle

Sexy Print Dress - fashion trend forecast

Sexy Print Dress

red top With open front dress - latest fashion trends 2019

Red Top With Open Front Dress – Roberte Cavalle

Once again fringing and sparkly outfits play a part in this collection. Additionally I have seen bicycle shorts under dresses and with utility belts in some of the shows.


In conclusion, my fashion trend forecast or latest fashion trends 2019 outlined in the first section of this article were included in only three of the collections and maybe one trend (brown) included in another two collections. So if you want to be in fashion for the coming New Year, the safest bets for fall winter 2018 2019 fashion trends and probable spring 2019 fashion trends would to be to buy some clothing and accessories with fringing. Some sparkly outfits and some yellow dresses or accessories. My favorite things in yellow were dresses, and I would definitely be ready to buy some sparkly clothes and fringing in clothing and accessories. My favorite designer was Roberte Cavalle. I just love his designs and he does include the trends in some of his designs. So that’s my fashion forecast for 2019. I may review some of the French fashion shows and update this article in the near future, and I will search for and add some clothing that you can buy that fits the trending themes. Until then happy shopping.


Slay It Queen - Fashion Style Trends

Slay It Queen


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Author: Patricia Mainit