Best Wedding Guest Dresses – How to Dress for a Wedding Occasion

If you are going to a wedding it is always hard to find where to get the best wedding guest dresses.

A wedding is always one of the most exciting and important events in life, especially if the wedding is for you.

It’s the bride who needs to stand out from the rest of the guests.

But, a wedding isn’t only the concern of the groom and the bride on what to wear for their special day, a few of the special guests are also stressed as to what they should wear as a wedding guest, and what style and color of dress to wear. 

It is always confusing for all of us to eventually choose between the different options which are available.

So, as a guest there are certain questions which you might have pondered over in your mind. You might at least consider questions which might apply to wedding etiquette before deciding on a wedding guest dress.

 For example, is it inappropriate to wear a red dress or white dress as a guest? Or what style that might have been worn by a celebrity wedding guest might be appropriate.

Is it Appropriate to Wear a Red or White Dress to a Wedding?

As already said, that I wedding is one of the most important events of one’s life and especially the bride.

It is a dream for every woman to be able to walk down the isles for her wedding in that stunning white dress which shall differ and stand out from all the others that are present at the wedding.

Out of Respect for the bride’s particular feelings, it is sometimes not advisable to wear a white dress in a wedding which might well steal the bride’s limelight.

However I think a red dress is fine and there were red dresses seen just recently at Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding.

 Though we are not competing with the bride in terms of dressing up, we do need to stand out from the rest of the crowd of the wedding with the best wedding-guest dresses.

How Should a Wedding Guest Dress?

Wedding functions could be held at various parts of the world and in different seasons.

 The best wedding guest dresses for summer or the wedding guest dresses for fall depends upon what is appropriate for the season.

However what we need to keep in mind is the occasion and the destination for which we are being invited. For e.g. A beach wedding guest dress might not go well with a wedding held at a wedding hall or church.

Similarly, dressing for different occasions has become a trend on its own in today’s world.

Which of these Dresses Should I Wear to a Wedding?

simple elegant best wedding guest dress

To give you a glimpse, this is one of the prime examples of a dress you could wear to a wedding as a guest.

It is simple yet effective enough to suit the occasion and also your need to look gorgeous.

There are several different colors to choose from with this chiffon gown from the classic red and dark navy to a pale green.

Celebrity Wedding Guest Dresses

Celebrity Wedding Guest Dresses - Bandage bodycon dress

 Getty Images

This is another type of dress which will have glam look on you and is similar at least in color to Amal Cloony’s dress. However if you like the style but not the color, even though yellow is in fashion in 2019, there are 8 other colors to choose from.

Exclusively available at slayitqueen, this dress is definitely suited for your elaborate wedding events and you will absolutely slay.

Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer

Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer

Your look for this summer as a wedding guest could not be hotter than this elegant blue dress available on slayitqueen .

The color symbolizing pure class and elegance would suit you perfectly this wedding season.

You might also not mind wearing a light colored shrug over the dress to add contrast and use it as a wedding guest dress for the fall.

Not only does the dress have the stand out factor, it might well steal a bit of the limelight from the bride.

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

beach wedding guest dresses


If you are one of those women who prefer a more comfortable way of dressing as compared to skin fitting clothing, here’s a perfect match for you. The light shade of blue with a glowing effect promises to make you glow even more and stand out from the crowd. For wedding functions held at a beach location, the design and the color of the dress matches in the most perfect way for the occasion. One might surely consider this as one of your best beach wedding guest dresses for summer. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorites from a wide collection only at slayitqueen

Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Fall

best wedding guest dresses for fall

Your gorgeous wedding guest dress for the fall is here at the store. The pink colored vintage laced dress meant for the season of fall is definitely here to make your look even more beautiful. Pair it with the exclusive merchandise from our store to slay and dress to kill as the life of the party.


These are not just the collections which are available when you look for wedding guest-dresses, but there a lot of other collections suitable for various ceremonial or casual events which you may be attending all of which are listed on our website.

Apart from your personal choices, you may be thinking of a bias in your decision towards the trends which are currently making the news.

In many instances, when we talk about the best wedding guest-dresses, we may look for celebrities who have either worn the same dress or have worn a dress similar to that.

Celebrities are often the ones who set the trends in society so we look forward to seeing what they wear as a kind of role model.

We at slayitqueen are conscious of that and thus bring to you a list of dresses similar to which you might have seen on the red carpet.

As we do not consider the wearing of your dress in a wedding ceremony any less important than that of a celebrity occasion.

We have a wide range of perfect wedding guest dresses for you along with dresses and clothes for every other possibility suited to your requirements at

Apart from whatever we can advise and guide you through, it is always you who is the best judge. It is you who will be at the wedding and it is your choice to make your dress the best wedding guest-dress at the ceremony.

Whether at a beach, during the summer or at a closed hall or church, whatever you wear will be your choice of style and if you want to slay then a visit to could be the best decision you ever made.

As said, we are here to help you decide what you think would suit you the best. The wide range of collection at our store with the most affordable price for you shall not disappoint you in finding you the dress and also the accessories that you need.

We all are born to slay  in life and in the way we look and so, all the women out there, wait no more to slay at your next wedding venue as a Queen superstar and steal the limelight.

Our goal is to help you look the best after the bride and draw the gaze of everyone’s  appreciative eye.

So Slay It Queen and visit  to find you’re best wedding guest-dress this season and for the future. 

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