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Best Evening Dresses for Different Events – To Suit Your Style

The best evening dresses to wear for different Occasions

– that will suit your style.

The best evening dresses are evolving over time – women dress differently from the way they did in the past. Fashion protocol also evolves. Here is a useful guide that will help you understand that protocol.

There are many different types of evening dresses, formal dresses, evening gowns, little black dresses, cocktail dresses and prom dresses to be found. It is essential to find elegant evening dresses that fits the occasion as well as your shape and make you look good depending on what suits your body type.

Cocktail Dresses

Occasion – Cocktail Parties

In this day and age cocktail dresses can include a high class black number to go with your partner’s tux or a shiny, gold sequined number. Mostly though, cocktail dresses are elegant casual which is best for evening wear during the summer. The colors vary from traditional black to gold cocktail dresses through to yellow, royal blue and emerald green which are also popular colors for this style of dress. Click here for prices on the dress shown.

Elegant Sleeveless Cocktail Dress

Elegant Sleeveless Cocktail Dress


Little Black Dresses

Occasion – Dinner Parties

If it’s a work gathering then keep it professional by wearing a conservative little black dress if that is possible, so that you are always taken seriously, which is how you need to play your cards if you are up for promotion.

However if it’s an occasion with friends and possible future husbands who are not associated with our work then something a little more provocative can be worn.

Little black dresses are an evening dress wardrobe staple for any worthy girl and although the color is fairly standard they can come in long sleeve versions and little black dresses with lace are quite popular as well as bodycon dresses in this style. They can be worn to black tie formal events or are great as an evening dress for a party. My tip would be to avoid casual fabrics. Click here for prices.

little black cocktiail dress


Prom Dresses

Occasion – End of year Formal

This is a once or twice in a lifetime occasion to wear a prom dress so make an all out effort and go for broke by dressing as appropriate for a black tie occasion. Make sure you have a fancy clutch bag and some glittery bling. The most popular prom dresses are generally long prom dresses followed by short prom dresses. Long sleeved prom dresses are also very popular with white being the main color that young girls choose followed by yellow. Yellow is a good choice for prom dresses in 2019 as yellow is a trending theme running through fashion shows for the 2019 year. Click here for prices on this one.

Jewel Neckline Prom Gown

Jewel Neckline Prom Gown


Evening Gowns

Occasion – Black Tie Occasion

Evening gowns are best worn at big city occasions. You would rarely wear an evening gown in a small town but in a big city it’s perfect. When you think of an evening gown, you generally think of evening gowns with short sleeves although surprisingly evening gowns with long sleeves or indeed any sleeves are very popular.

The most favorite color for evening gowns is red. This is quite different from prom gowns which favor white and yellow. Evening gowns are elegant and as such, emerald green, royal blue and navies blue are the next most popular colors for evening gowns. Other popular colors include champagne and grey.

Evening gowns are perfect for weddings. Popular evening gown fabrics are velvet and chiffon. This evening gown comes in some gorgeous colors. Click here for prices.

Best Evening Dresses


Best evening Gowns for Curvy figures

The best clothes for curvy figures are tight fit and flair evening gowns that cling to the curves and display the waistline to the maximum effect. The pleasing outline of your shape can be enhanced with a belt which has to be thin and elegant on an evening dress.


Evening Dresses for Plus Size


Evening dress style for plus size and other special occasion dresses for plus size girls are hard to find. Plus size dresses for plus size with sleeves are well liked and evening dresses with jackets for plus size are recommended to allow for coverage of a large bust and thick waistline. A cascading chiffon dress such as the one below is recommended. If you need some help on what clothing you can wear for your body shape Click Here.

Plus Size Chiffon Cascade Dress

Plus Size Chiffon Cascade Dress


Evening dresses for Athletic Body Type

The best evening dresses for athletic body types are everything and anything that is cocktail dresses, little black dresses, prom gowns and evening gowns. The thing is if you have an athletic body type, you can look good in anything. A figure hugging evening dress will look sensational Popular types of dresses are chiffon dresses, which are light and billowy so make an athletic girl look curvier. An athletic girl is attractive but not every man prefers an athletic girl to a curvy girl. The dress below is perfect for an athletic girl.


figure hugging evening gown

Athletic Figure Evening Gown


Evening Dresses for Petites

Petites are generally short, so this description of evening dresses for short girls and petites would recommend closely fitting style sheath dresses that emphasize your petite figure rather than overpowering it with a full flowing skirt. You can wear a long dress as it just doesn’t look right. It’s much better for a short petite girl to wear a dress with the hem above the knee or just below. Of course some short girls have a thicker waist but the hem length sill applies.


Evening Dresses for Apple Shape

If you have an apple shape or a tummy that makes you look as similar to an apple shape you need a shift style evening dress with a jacket or coat to camouflage your stomach and love handles. Just stay away from tightly fitting waists.

Evening Dresses for Pear Shaped

If you have a pair shaped figure where your hips are fairly wide, then you need to emphasize your upper body with a fit and flair style evening dress or an A line evening dress. A jacket can also play down the width of your hips.


Evening Dresses for Big Bust

With this style of evening dress you want a wrap or cross over style top half on your evening dress. V neck dresses can also be good and show off your cleavage to maximum affect making your big bust more of an asset rather than a liability.


The Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

The best type of prom dress for your body is essential if you are a young girl who wants to look their best for their prom date. It is vital that your daughter is at least the equal, if not a cut above all her friends in class and style at the end of the academic year.


Evening Dresses for your Body Type

Whether you have a rectangle shaped body or an inverted triangle, pear hourglass or apple shapes you no two bodies are the same. You might be a pear shape but have longer legs or a rectangle shape bit have an athletic body or a rectangle shape can also be a thick waisted short person, So I don’t really go for those geometric shapes to classify a woman’s body because it’s usually one feature that stands out the most and it is hard to classify someone’s body to a specific shape. You can either try to cover it up or make it into an asset if you can. Which is best the way to take advantage of your body shape.



Be noticeable in the crowd and make yourself more prominent with our collection of evening dresses. Whether you are venturing out to an exciting high profile event or for a couple of glasses of wine with the girls, we have you covered.

You can be curvy or no boobs, have a full bust. You can be short and petite or short and thick waisted. You can have short legs with a longer upper body or have long legs with a short upper body. You could also have boyish hips No two bodies are the same so you can’t really generalize with those shapes that people try to classify women’s bodies with. It just does not work.

Nevertheless here at Slay It Queen we believe that there is a dress for every girl that can make her look stunning. The best evening dresses for any girl depends on the features of your body which are most noticeable and the preferable thing would be to try and create an asset from those features if you can. A woman with big hips and a big booty is actually in fashion these days and some women are actually considering getting butt implants, so don’t ever be ashamed of your body. Just accentuate your outstanding features.

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