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24 Different Types Of Dresses – That Would Suit You Perfectly

I thought that there were so many different types of dresses that it was a bit confusing, so I made up this info-graphic chart or photo collage of modern dresses in alphabetic order that I see being used in modern fashion, style and trends the most.

Of course there are many more outfits but I think I have come up with a dress name list that can be related to the modern fashion world, that at least has the names of different types of dresses with pictures, rather than a types of dresses list with pictures, that you have to scroll through forever to see them all.

It’s an all in one picture for my Slay It Queen Girls. If you want to learn more about a certain type of dress, I have described the dress styles below.


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Types of dresses list with Pictures


A – Line Dress

An A-line dress is a dress that touches the hips and thighs and which is wider at the hem and narrows at the top of the hips to the waistline. The fact that it widens at the bottom makes it resemble the letter A. I think this dress is best if you have a pear shaped; hourglass or petite body shape, but I do not believe it is a good choice for the apple or chubby women’s body type. This is type of dress style can be worn for any occasion and is the classic little black dress that every girl should have in their wardrobe. You should see it from the back, its not as plain as it looks. Click here for prices 

A line dress

Bandage Dress

The bandage dress is a type of dress cut that looks like a bandage criss-crossing the body as layered fabric which is attached together to form the dress. As this dress portrays a bandaged body, the dress generally hugs the body in a bodycon style. I think that if you are of a slim, petite or hourglass body shape, this style is for you and you will Slay It in any semi formal occasion. Click this link to see prices.

bandage dress

Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is a tight fitting stretchy dress which shows off your body shape in a very obvious way, enhancing the curves like a second skin. I think this type of dress is best if you have a curvy hourglass body type. These dresses come in different lengths but generally come in mid thigh to knee length. I think this dress is best if you are attending a party in the evening or a cocktail party. This style is also fine for you to wear to the office. Click this link to see prices

bodycon dress

Cape Dresses

This dress has a cape attached to it which is a variation from the classical cape worn over the dress in historical times. The capes can be of varying lengths and it is a very queen like style. I think the capes on these types of dresses can make you look slimmer if you are a larger size which are available up to 5xl, especially if you wear heels but make sure you already have fairly long legs. This style is perfect for parties or meetings of a casual nature. Click Here to see prices on this Cape Bodycon Dress.

cape dress

Chiffon Dress

A chiffon dress is a different type of dress that can come in almost any style as chiffon refers to the way that the fabric is twisted in different directions when woven, forming a crumpled look. Traditionally the fabric that was mainly used for chiffon was silk, which is still the best fabric but these types of dresses can be expensive and hard to find. Other types of material are synthetic or synthetic silk blends. I think a chiffon dress is perfect for you to wear on any occasion as the light flowing glimmer and sheen is very eye catching and stylish. Imagine the feel of silk against your skin. Click here for prices.

For further information see our article on chiffon dresses.

silk chiffon dress

Denim Dress

A denim dress is just that, made of denim. In my opinion it looks best when it looks like an oversized shirt and needs no trimmings or decorations. This type of dress is a casual style and you should probably wear it for travel, pool parties or at the beach. This can be worn by most body types but is not really ideal for stout body type girls. However it is a very comfy dress for outings and can be very versatile. Why not order from the comfort of your home. Click Here for prices.

denim dress

Empire Waist Dress

This type of dress is ideal for a body shape with a tummy because it has a high waistline just under the bust and flares out from there.  I think that if you are one of the body types not suited to tight bodycon style dresses then this is the dress for you. In other words if you are an apple shape, pear shape or rectangular body shape this is a dress that you can wear with style and it comes in larger sizes up to 5 xl. You can wear this dress to any formal, and is one of those types of dresses for prom, casual or practically any occasion. It comes in red, black and blue and the lace design is extremely classy. Click Here for prices.

empire waist dress

High Low Dress

This type of dress is has a hem that is high at the front and low at the back. This dress is sometimes called asymmetrical and I think that whatever body shape you are you can wear it depending on whether there is a waistline which can be non-existent or of the empire style depending on the design that you choose. Usually the fabric is light so that you can freely move around as you wish. Click Here to see prices.

high low dress

Lace Up Dress

A lace up dress is a dress that has a lace up section on the dress, sometimes running down the entire length of the dress and is designed to be very sexy by showing a bit of skin. I think it depends what style the dress shape is as to whether this will suit your body shape. Obviously the tighter the dress and the more skin you show will limit this. This type of dress is perfect if you are going clubbing, discos and nightclubs or pubs. If you want this smoking hot feel like a “Rock Chick” look, Click Here for prices.

lace up dress

Layered Dress

A layered dress has layers of fabric. Usually this type of dress does not hug the body and can largely add dimension to the outfit and accentuate your curves while hiding your lumps and bumps. I think this design would suit you if you have an hourglass, slim and petite or rectangle body type, but would not suit you if you have an apple shape or pear shape. This type of dress would be best for a casual or pool parties, a day at the beach or when you are traveling. A truly lovely dress that you will be glad to own. Click here for a price.

layered dress

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress refers to the length of the hemline. Many dresses are referred to as maxi dress if they reach the floor but actually a maxi dress is any dress below mid calf length, this means that in modern days an ankle, full or floor length dress is called a maxi dress. I think that a maxi dress is one of those types of dresses which should form a central part of your wardrobe as they naturally exude style and class in any occasion. You can choose from many forms of maxi dress with slits or prints or different fabrics like chiffon to suit your style. I think these dresses would be perfect for you if you have an apple shape, rectangle or slim figure, but I don’t recommend this type of dress if you are pear shaped or short. Imagine wearing this dress for formal events or weddings. It could almost double as one of those types of dresses to wear to a wedding. You would look super sophisticated wearing this dress, and outshine all the competition. Need this? Click this link to see current prices.

maxi dress - different types of dresses

Midi Dress

A midi dress is any dress with a hem line that below the knees about mid calf length. It does not matter what design the dress is, the length of the hem is what designates the dress as midi. I think that this dress is best for you if your body shape is apple shaped, pear shaped or tall depending on how figure hugging the dress is. Obviously if it is figure hugging I don’t recommend it if you are apple shaped but a midi dress does not have to be figure hugging. The only thing I don’t recommend this dress for is if you are very short. Apart from that this would be a wonderful dress to own. Click here to see prices.

midi dress

Mini Dress

A mini dress is mid thigh length. Any shorter than that and it becomes a micro dress. It can be figure hugging or flare out downward from the waist. I think this type of dress would be best for you if you are petite, short or have an hourglass shape. This type of dress is good for clubbing, casual, beach going or going out in the evening. I would not recommend this type of dress if you are a girl who has log legs, but for average height girls this dress would be super cool to have in your wardrobe. Imagine wearing it on a warm day. Click here to see current prices.

mini dress

Off Shoulder Dress

An off shoulder dress is a dress which has sleeves which are off the shoulder or has no sleeves at all leaving your neck and entire shoulder area bare, showing some skin in a sexy yet classy way. I don’t think it really matters what body type you are if you want to wear a dress like this as it kind of takes the focus off of other less flattering areas of your body. However, If you have broad shoulders this type of dress is probably not a good idea for you. If you don’t have broad shoulders however, its very forgiving around the booty area. Perfect for you if you are any body type. Click here to see prices.

Off shoulder dress

Pencil Dress

A pencil dress is like a pencil, which means it is straight down with no flare. The pencil dress is different from a bodycon dress as it is not stretchy and moulding around your curves. A pencil dress can be straight and is not as form fitting. Also pencil dresses have a hem length at the knee as opposed to mid thigh to knee length. I think this type of dress is well suited to you if you have a killer body, or have a pear shaped or hourglass body shape. I would not recommend this type of dress if you are a bit chubby or apple shaped. The occasion that you could wear this type of dress for includes a cocktail party or imagine if you want that hot but focused business woman look without wearing a suit. It would also be good for interviews. Click Here to see prices.

pencil dress

Peplum Dress

These dresses have a ruffle at or high around the waist, and are good for hiding any excess lumps around the waist. This type of dress usually has a narrower skirt usually extending down to the knees which the ruffle sits on. I think this dress is perfect if you have a pear shaped or hourglass body shape. I believe that these types of dresses would be great for your office work, meetings with clientele or official dinner occasions. Click Here if you want to see prices.

Peplum dress

Sequin Party Dress

A party dress is a generic name, but usually modern party dresses are form fitting and can be sequined for extra pizzazz. These different types of dresses are usually shaped to show off your killer body while the shimmer and shine dazzles. The one below one of the types of dresses that is similar to the one worn by Kendall Jenner at her birthday party. I think that this dress can be for you if you have any body type depending on the design. The occasion that you can wear this dress for includes parties of course and also for clubbing, Imagine wearing this dress to a party. One word Slay. Click here to see current pricing.

sequin party dress - different types of dresses

Shift Dress

The main thing that can be said about a shift dress is that it is short, usually mini (mid thigh) and this type of dress has no definitive waistline. For that reason I would recommend it for you if you have any body type as they are not figure hugging, have no sleeves and just hang on the body. It can be quite a cute dress and is suitable for your work or play. Order easily from the comfort of your couch. Click Here for the price.

shift dress

Skater Dress

A skater dress is a different types of dresses that are usually short and they flare out from the waist with a fitted bodice and the waist is defined, ie fit and flair. Don’t expect to see Avrill Lavigne wearing this though Lol. I don’t know if anyone remembers her single sk8r boi which came out when I was about 15. Anyway back to the dress. I think it can be very sexy and is kind of a party dress that can also be used for casual wear. I would recommend this for apple shaped, rectangle and slim body types, however it’s not so good if you are pear shaped or very short in my opinion. However for average height girls this dress is an eye catcher. Imagine wearing this out or to a party, you would really stand out from the others with class and sassy style. You wont find this in retail stores. Easily ordered with a couple of clicks. Click Here to see the price.

skater dress

Slit Dress

A slit dress is one of those different types of dresses that looks very hot and steamy by showing off a bit of forbidden leg in a formal setting while still looking very classy especially if the dress is also a maxi dress, which I would recommend in a formal setting like a wedding or a cocktail party. You will look great in this dress if you are tall and have long legs together with a pair of high heels/stiletto. I don’t recommend this dress if you are very short or have log legs. But otherwise it is a very beautiful dress, you wont regret owning it. Click Here to see the price.

slit dress

T Shirt Dress

I guess the idea of a T shirt dress is that it is supposed to look like your boyfriends T shirt. They are really just a T shirt that is a little bit longer than conventional and are great for hiding any lumps or bumps around your waist. They can also be very sexy at the same time as they are short and show off your killer legs. I think the idea here is one mainly of loose comfort and are great for summer allowing a cool breeze to circulate up there Lol. You might also be thinking that In the winter you can also wear them with leggings. Quite a cool dress. Click Here for prices.

T shirt dress

Tube Dress

A tube dress is generally strapless and sleeveless or can have one strap over one shoulder. You generally need a good fit at your bust so that you don’t flash your assets. You will usually need an adhesive invisible bra. This dress is basically a tube which is form fitting and goes straight down. I think that this would be good for you if you have an hourglass or pear shaped body type. However would not look so good if you are very skinny with no curves. I think that this dress would be perfect if you are going to a wedding or daytime outdoor formal occasion or even a cocktail party. Click Here for prices.

Tulle Dress

A tulle dress is a different type of dresses that is basically a tutu usually made up of light weight mesh net style material in the skirt quite often used in the design of ballet dresses. In my opinion the body type that would be most suited to this is if you have an hourglass body shape. This is great for a prom or I guess a wedding, or maybe not. Probably better for dancing or for your 5 year old daughter.  If you are of an apple stout or pear shaped chubby body type, I don’t recommend this dress for you.

tulle dress

Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is usually wrapped around the body in some way. Usually where one side that wraps over the other side and is tied together in some way. The dress is usually hugs the body but the amount of wraps can mean that it can hide certain aspects of the body. I think if you have an hourglass or pear shaped body type you will be able to wear this dress with flair but it is not really suitable if you are too chubby. I think this dress would be great for you if you are attending a party in the early evening or traveling. It could also work during a day outing in the country. Click Here to see prices.

Wrap Dress


Well if you have read all of this or even just read the things you want to find out about regarding different types of dresses, you will realize that a dress can actually encompass several different styles, and now you can look at a dress and say well, my favorite out of all these different types of dresses is an off the shoulder slit maxi dress with an empire waistline. From this description you can form a picture as to what the dress looks like and to mix and match all these different types of dress styles so you can decide which is your favorite, which is what fashion is all about.

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